Monday, May 28, 2012

LFD The Digger: Cigar Review

La Flor Dominicana is famous for their line of Double Ligero cigars. This type of tobacco tastes great, but should be smoked on a full stomach for those that are not used to a truly strong cigar. The chisel size (on the chart above) is a very popular size and it is unique to this brand of cigars. I, however, found a size that was not even on the chart mentioned above.

I bought the new size, called "The Digger" this weekend for ten bucks, to take to a 4 hour tailgating (binge drinking) session. I was instantly the center of attention when I pulled out this huge 8.5 cigar with a 60 ring guage. Its dark maduro wrapper and dominican double ligero is famous amongst cigar smokers; but, this just made me famous (for a minute) because it was the biggest cigar any of my friends had ever seen. The minute I lit it I was bombarded with the question, "How long does that thing burn?" I figured the answer would be about 2.5 hours and I was pretty close. I think the fact that it was windy outside made it burn closer to the 2 hour mark, which is still very impressive.

Anyway, the cigar tasted great. There was an even burn throughout the smoking experience, showing that is was a well constructed cigar. It had a sweet and spicy taste from start to finish and neither flavor ever became overpowering. In regards to the strength, I found it to be potent, but not deadly. (I am sure a cigar rookie would probably throw up if they smoked this in one sitting, but who knows?) Ligero tobacco can have that "deadly" label among smokers who are used to lighter cigars. I feel like any smoker, however, can grow to love the taste of this tobacco. It has a rich sweetness to it that gives off a greaat aroma. The sweetness towards the end evens because to remind you of chocolate, as if the last third of your giant cigar was there for your dessert cigar.

Find and buy this cigar!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon and Yuengling: A Nice Light Cigar with a Complimentary Beer Pairing

Today I finally got to smoke a cigar I have had laying around for about a month. This is no time at all for someone with a fully stocked humidor. I, however, am terrible at keeping my humidity at a consistent rate and can never wait to smoke a new cigar once I have purchased it.

This is a Dominican cigar with a Cameroon wrapper and Nicaraguan binder. The filler is a blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Peruvian tobaccos. It comes with a cedar wrapper and has an excellent look and feel before smoking. My cigar was slightly oily and had small veins that added to the appeal without affecting the burn after lighting.

The first third of the cigar had a woody flavor, that seemed fairly boring. The draw was good and the burn was even; however, I was hoping for more flavor as I smoked. Needless to say, i got wish and was very impressed as the smoke progressed. Throughout the cigar, the woodiness of the flavor became more defined as definite cedar. The smaoke was consistently smooth, light, and pillowy. I also enjoyed the slight sweetness that progressed throughout the smoking experience.

In the end, this cigar tasted very good throughout. It was had less body than most cigars I am accustomed to smoking, but it may become a flavor I will get into in the future. The price on this stick is also right. It can be purchased for around six dollars, making it an excellent daily cigar. It is also a good one for the golf course when you don't want to spend a ton of money on a cigar you won't fully enjoy while playing. (You also won't look like an idiot in front of your friends because you picked up a two dollar cigar to smoke.)  


I also drank a couple of Yuengling Lagers with this cigar. The sweetness of this amber lager went great with the light body and cedar flavor of the cigar. Yuengling is usually my go to beer in the first place; but, now I know that it can go very nicely with a cigar of this caliber.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Confused by Cigar Sizes and Names?

I love cigars; but, I don't smoke or study them enough to understand everything in the reviews that I read when it comes to size and shape.

I'm always really confused about stuff like this. Some of these pictures and charts may help you (as well as myself) make a little more sense of this problem.

The easiest thing to understand is that the second number is the ring guage and it has to do with the fact that there are 64 rings in an inch. This means that the second number shows how many 64ths of an inch there is, when measuring the thickness of the cigar.

The lengths are taken away from this picture because Fuente, as well as many other brands, seems to name some of their own sizes.

Your regular Robusto, Torpedo, and Churchill sizes tend to appear across the brands; however, and many sizes look similar despite their own special name.

This seems to be a little more generic and can be used as a pretty good reference for shape.

I also like this chart for shape and size.
(You may have click on the pinterest page below to get bigger pictures of these charts. You will probably get the point from these though.)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guatamalan Beer and Newport Cigs: Just in case you wanted a cigar-type review on a cigarette

Today I drank a very light and weak lager from Guatamala. I cannot believe I found this beer since there were only like 8 people on that had drank it before. I didn't expect much from it and that is a good thing. It basically tasted like a Miller Lite Lite. It was boring, with no flavor and lacked carbonation. At least it didn't have a high alcohol content, so I won't end up as hammered as I was yesterday. Don't drink Cabro...ever.

The Moza Bock Beer is Guatamala's version of something that should have been better than the Cabro. It was only a little bit better. It was like smoking an ultra light cigarette, if you compare your bock beers to cigarettes. The bottom line here is that is was better than its counterpart, but had nothing in common with a good bock. There are plenty of original versions of this variety and even good American rip-offs that you should try instead. I am glad I got to drink something rare; but, it is not like I will remember these beverages in the end. Usually, I don't remember drinking a beer because I drank ten; but in this case, I will not remember these because they were watered down, boring, and straight up bad.


P.S.-I did not, and have not, smoked a cigar in awhile due to a sinus infection. I did break down and smoke a couple Newports because I told myself the menthol would help my sinuses (This is, of course, completely retarted). Just in case you wanted a review; however, I will say the Newport has tobacco taste on the palette throughout the smoking experience. It has notes of nicotine and fiberglass on the finish. It also has a light smoke, with the aroma of cigarettes.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sinus infection

I have a sinus infection. This means I will drink wine (pretending it is cough medicine) and not smoke cigars. Reviews will come up as soon as I can smoke again. When I can, this will be the one.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Very Surprised by a Mild-Bodied Cigar

Today I smoked the Champagne 10th Anniversary by Perdomo. This is a mild bodied cigar that is definitely not something I would usually purchase. I have spent most of my years smoking the biggest, boldest, and strongest cigars I can find. I have recently decided that I need to branch out and try something different. I started with this smoke and I was not let down at all. This is a Cuban seed and Nicaraguan blend with a Connecticut wrapper that is smooth from start to finish. I smoked this cigar on an empty stomach which I would have never been able to do with my staple maduro or ligero cigars. I think this was a good place to start, because I didn't feel sick after smoking on an empty stomach. It also had way more flavor than I expected from a lighter cigar. The only issue I had with the flavor was that there was nothing really new in the smoke. The flavor was basically just tobacco with a hint of sweetness on the finish. I enjoyed the pillowy smoke and light aroma throughout the cigar. It also did not have an aftertaste that hung around my palette for too long. I am really glad I tried this cigar and will definitely look into the Connecticut wrapper in the future.